Governors are consulting on a proposal to amend the Admissions Policy oversubscription criteria for Prince Henry’s Grammar School, so that it includes a preference to students attending a named feeder primary school - Bramhope Primary School. Full details of the existing and the proposed oversubscription criteria, and where this preference falls within the proposed criteria, can be found on our website here. It is important to note that if the proposed change goes ahead this would not be to the detriment of any child where Prince Henry’s is their nearest high school. Therefore, children living in the local community of Otley will not be affected at all by the change proposed.

Prince Henry’s has a long-standing partnership with Bramhope Primary School. In recent years this partnership has been strengthened as the range of shared activities has been extended. The strong links between the two schools include:

  •  Collaboration on education development plans
  •  A range of transition visits and activities for KS2 pupils
  •  Ongoing student enrichment activities
  •  Moderation activities for English and maths
  •  Ongoing shared IT support staff (service level agreement)
  •  Ongoing shared site management staff (service level agreement)

In addition, governors from both Bramhope Primary School and Prince Henry’s have worked together to form the Collaborative Learning Trust. Prince Henry’s is already a member of the new Trust and Bramhope Primary School has submitted an application to the DfE with the intention of joining the Trust from December 2018. Therefore, the existing strong links between the two schools will expand to include:

  •  Shared vision and values
  •  Shared governance at Trust Board level
  •  Shared expertise at Local Governing Board level
  •  Shared expertise in leadership and stronger staff links between the two schools
  •  Shared curriculum planning to enhance academic transition from KS2 to KS3
  •  Shared staffing to support teaching and learning e.g. “Mastery Learning” teacher for literacy and numeracy working across both schools
  •  Additional shared extra-curricular and enrichment activities for pupils

Prince Henry’s has historically been oversubscribed for school places in Year 7. The demand for places has increased over time and in 2018 this resulted in 19 Year 6 pupils from Bramhope Primary School unable to secure a place at Prince Henry’s under the existing Admissions Policy. The Local Authority demographic and projections data for school admissions suggest that this pressure on Year 7 places is likely to continue in future years. The proposed change would ensure that children who attend Bramhope Primary School, and therefore have experienced strong and sustained educational and social links with Prince Henry’s, will be given a higher priority. This would not, however, be to the detriment of any child where Prince Henry’s is their nearest high school. Therefore, as stated previously, children living in the local community of Otley will not be affected at all by the change proposed.

The Consultation Process

The consultation will run for seven weeks, from Friday 5th October 2018 until midnight on Friday, 23rd November, 2018.

In line with the statutory guidance the range of this consultation is:

  •  Parents of children between the ages of 2 and 18 who live in the area;
  •  Other persons in the relevant area who, in the governors’ opinion, have an interest in the proposed admission arrangements e.g. local councillors and local headteachers;
  •  Other admissions authorities in the area;
  •  The Local Authority;
  •  Adjoining Local Authorities

Information about the consultation will be shared via letter, email, the school’s website and social media.

The Local Authority will also communicate the consultation through inclusion on the council website.

Interested parties are welcome to respond by emailing comments relating to the proposed admissions policy oversubscription criteria to . 

The purpose of the consultation is to receive feedback on the proposed changes. Once the consultation has concluded on Friday 23rd November, 2018, all responses will be collated and presented to the Board of Governors for full consideration at their meeting in December 2018.

A full report on the outcome of the consultation will be published on the Prince Henry’s school website by the end of February 2019.

Ms J Sheriff

  1. Admissions Consultation document