Business & Economics


Business and Economics are both fascinating subjects that help students understand the real world around them and how it functions. Whether you want to be the next Theo Pathetis or become Alan Sugar’s next Apprentice, it may be that you see yourself working in business or you have considered setting up your own business - this subject provides a valuable foundation for your future life and career choices. Business Studies is not just about wealth creation and making money – it is a multi-faceted subject that provides many opportunites to discuss and analyse real problems. Is Primark ethcial? Does Wayne Rooney deserve his multimillion pound salary?   What are the effects of recession on the UK and individuals? At KS5, students can choose to take Economics and Business, which focuses on the impact of economic decisions and activities and how these affect different areas of society and on every day lives.

Studying Business and Economics develops a wide range of important skills including data interpretation, presenting arguments and judgements, decision making and problem solving, planning and independent learning skills.   Students are taught in an engaging manner using a range of teaching styles including business simulations and enterprise tasks, case studies, research projects and independent investigation, discussion and debate.



Although Business is not taught at KS3, students start developing their business skills and economic understanding through a range of enterprise and economic well-being  activities delivered through the PSHCE curriculum.



At KS4 students can choose to take GCSE Business Studies (AQA) or BTEC Level 2 Business (Edexcel - equivalent to 4 A-C grades at GCSE).

At KS5 students can choose GCE Business and Economics (Edexcel) or GCE Applied Business (AQA).

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Students of Business and Economics are encouraged to take a leading role in developing business and economic understanding throughout the school. Activities range from mentoring, coaching and supporting Enterprise activites for all year groups to taking part in local and national Business competitions. 

An essential part of the subject is seeing first hand the reality of business operations. A number of trips are organised by the department visiting local businesses such as Waitrose, Sainsburys and Coca Cola. Trips are also organised to meet and see leading entrepreneurs such as Theo Pathetis and Business gurus like Michael Gerber.