Free School Tour

Were you once a student at Prince Henry’s? Did your mum or dad or grandparents once come to the school? Would you like a trip down memory lane….

As part of the 100 years celebrations at Prince Henry’s Grammar School, people are invited to tour the school – from the original listed building at the bottom to the new infilled Quad Sixth Form Area, the Science Block and everywhere in between.

The tour will run at 10.30am on Saturday 17 November 2018 and will be led by local lad and Assistant Faculty Leader for English Chris Smith. Chris Smith knows many stories of life at Prince Henry’s and it’s sure to be an interesting trip round.

“We often find that ex-students who come round find it amazing how much the school has changed. Only this year an ex-Head Boy from the 1930s popped in with his family, as he was in Otley for the day. It seemed natural to run a tour as part of our celebrations for the 100th anniversary of us moving to Farnley Lane.” Said Stephen Clarkson, Assistant Headteacher.

The tour is free and, as there are only limited places, must be booked in advance. To book, call Alison Kilmartin on 01943 463524 or email, giving your contact details.