Psychology & Critical Thinking


Psychology is studied in the Sixth Form at AS and A Level, and Critical Thinking at AS level only. Psychology is a useful subject for any student who would like to work with people, such as nursing, education, social work and business management, and is a popular subject at A level in school.

Topics of study include five approaches to Psychology: Social, Cognitive, Psychodynamic, Biological and Learning approaches, and three applications of Psychology: child development, criminological and clinical psychology. Ethics of research, issues and debates in psychology are also considered in Year 13. Practical work is integral to the course and includes gathering primary data through experiments, a survey and a correlation study, as well as the analysis of secondary data such as magazine articles.

Critical Thinking is an enrichment course designed to support students in their advanced level subjects, by learning to analyse written material critically. This is a short course usually taken in Year 12.

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Psychology students have the opportunity to attend the "Brain Day" presentation. This is a whole day of psychology led by a university lecturer in neuroscience, and includes dissection of a sheep brain as well as many different activities in the group and online.