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Blogs from staff on various topics.

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  • Behind the scenes on residential trips

    Published 21/05/24, by Pippa McPherson

    The final half term of the year is traditionally the busiest in terms of trips and visits at Prince Henry's. Large numbers of students from Key Stage 3 will experience trips to Germany, France and Spain. These will complement the many local day trips for work to support studies in lessons. All of this on the back of trips to the Belgian and French Battlefields, Iceland, Italy, The Gambia, South Africa ....

    Our school has a proud history of supporting students to experience a range of cultures and environments. Thankfully, the majority of these trips run smoothly from conception to completion. Occasionally, things do go wrong with everything from a lost passport to illness, missed flights to accommodation issues to contend with. For this term's Inside Story, we asked one of our Area Leaders (Dr Watts in Geography) to outline what it is like to organise and run a residential visit.

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  • Attendance - the post-pandemic landscape

    Published 07/02/24, by Pippa McPherson

    Navigating the Post-Pandemic Educational Landscape: National Concerns Surrounding School Attendance and Absence Rates

    The aftermath of the global pandemic has left an indelible mark on various aspects of society, and the education sector is no exception. As schools strive to regain a sense of normality, concerns about attendance and absence rates have taken centre stage across the nation. This article explores the pressing issues surrounding school attendance post-pandemic and the challenges educators, parents/carers and policymakers are grappling with.

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  • A shared understanding of our Vision and Values

    Published 24/10/23, by Christopher Lillington

    In September 2023 we launched our refreshed 'Vision and Values' statement and graphic. In this post, we consider why we need a shared understanding of what is important to us as a school. We also explain how we went about agreeing on just nine words to sum up all that we stand for.

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  • A response to the recent parent/ carer survey around behaviour

    Published 22/05/23, by Pippa McPherson

    Last month we asked parents and carers to share their understanding and experience of our behaviour system, known in school as Positive Discipline (PD). The responses to this survey were reassuring, enlightening and at times thought-provoking to read. All the feedback was useful, and this will be considered as we move forward with PD over the next year.

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