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Student Information Questionnaire 2024

Alongside the Arbor data form, please complete this Family questionnaire with your child, to help us get to know them.

Do you enjoy school?*
Are you looking forward to coming to Prince Henry's?*
How will you travel to Prince Henry's*

Tutor Groups

If your child has attended one of our main feeder primary schools (All Saints, Ashfield, Askwith, Bramhope, Pool, Westgate, Whartons), they will continue to follow the language they have studied at primary school.
Other students fill the gaps to balance the forms, They will be placed in a tutor group with someone they recognise.
Please note: although we are keen on students keeping their old friends, we want to actively encourage them to move forward and make new friends and, therefore, we DO NOT take friendship requests in to account.

Press submit, to make sure that we receive your form. Thank you!