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Students at Prince Henry’s Grammar School voted in a mock election on Thursday 12 December, as the country went to the polls in the General Election. All classes in the school were able to vote, while Prefects and Senior Students ran the poll and counted the votes.

The total number of votes cast was 1341, with the results coming out as follows:

  1. Labour Party - 513 (38.3%)
  2. Green Party - 278 (20.7%)
  3. Conservative Party - 228 (17.0%)
  4. Liberal Democrats - 224 (16.7%)
  5. Brexit Party - 98 (7.3%)

In the week prior to the mock election, A Level Politics students went into assemblies to present the policies of the parties standing in the local constituency.

“We are always keen to make sure our students understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a wider community and they voted with enthusiasm. Different points of view were presented by Sixth Form students in assemblies and then all year groups were able to make up their own minds. For some of our older students, of course, this was also the first time that they were able to vote in the actual election.” Said Christopher Lillington, Assistant Headteacher: Learning Community.