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Students from Prince Henry’s have been practising the lost art of letter writing in their English lessons, thanks to a connection across the world in Mexico. English Teacher John Walsh has set up the pen friends through Rosie Buller, who used to teach at Prince Henry’s and is now teaching at the Edron Academy in Mexico City.

“It’s great to form this new link with a fresh and exciting culture, while staying in touch with an old friend. In a world of emails and electronic communication, there is something special about getting a letter.” he said.

The project is very popular with Mr Walsh’s English group.

“We are writing for the first time to Mexico and it’s nice because this could go on for a while.” said Molly Cox, Year 7.

“It’s a good thing because we are making new friends and it will hopefully carry on into a friendship for the rest of our lives.” added Ned Gallagher-Thompson, Year 7.

“Our school, historically, has a good bond with foreign countries, it’s really important for our identity as a school.” Said Mattie Dawson, Year 7.