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School closed to all students, except children of key workers and vulnerable students, at 3.00pm on Friday 20th March 2020. This is for an unspecified period until further notice.

Please see below copies of all letters which have been sent by email to parents/carers in recent weeks. Where appropriate, some letters have been sent to the parents/carers of students in specific year groups only.

We have collated some online study resources for Parents and Carers and students to access, if appropriate. You can find them here.

Those students accessing school based provision are currently based at Ashfield Primary School (until 22nd May). However, please continue to use the usual Prince Henry's contact details if you need to get in touch with school.

Please note that school bus services are not operating at this time, with the exception of a revised route for the PH1 (Arthington/Pool - Ashfield Primary School).

We have recently begun to provide virtual assemblies for students and you can find the most recent here: Year 10; Key Stage 3; Year 12; Year 13. Mr Rowbottom's video is here.

Finally, please use the following link for support and information regarding domestic violence during this time:

Ms Janet Sheriff
Executive Headteacher

  1. Update re COVID-19 response 22nd May.pdf
  2. In school provision 22nd May.pdf
  3. KS4 and KS5 BTEC Qualifications information.pdf
  4. Update re COVID-19 response 15th May.pdf
  5. Key Worker status form 15th May.docx
  6. Update on cancellation of school trips + events 11th May.pdf
  7. Update re COVID-19 response 7th May.pdf
  8. Sunday River Ski Trip Update 7th May.pdf
  9. Iceland Trip Update 6th May.pdf
  10. Hub Communication 6th May Key Workers.pdf
  11. Summer term welcome back 20th April.pdf
  12. Domestic Violence - Support Agencies 9th April.pdf
  13. GCSE and A Level grading 3rd Apr 2020.pdf
  14. Ofqual Letter_to_students_-_Summer_2020_grading.pdf
  15. Distance Learning update 1st April (1).pdf
  16. Revised Distance Learning expectations for students 1st April.pdf
  17. School based provision at Ashfield 1st April 2020.pdf
  18. Easter offer 27th March 2020.pdf
  19. Easter proforma to complete.docx
  20. Distance Learning update 25rd March.pdf
  21. Free School Meal 25th March 2020 (003).pdf
  22. Arrangements in school to reduce infection 24th March.pdf
  23. Use of videoconferencing - guidelines for parents.pdf
  24. Coronavirus - Year 11 and 13 exams 23rd March.pdf
  25. Coronavirus update 23rd March.pdf
  26. Coronavirus - impact on school trips + events 23 March.pdf
  27. Year 12 Work experience cancellation.pdf
  28. Coronavirus 20th March 2020.pdf
  29. Advice to students in event of school closure.pdf
  30. Coronavirus 19th March.pdf
  31. Coronavirus 18th March.pdf
  32. Coronavirus 17th March.pdf
  33. Coronavirus update - 13 Mar 2020.pdf
  34. Coronavirus - looking after your mental health.pdf
  35. Mental Health and Wellbeing resources from School Wellbeing Leeds.pdf
  36. PHGS- Wellbeing for students during Cv19.pdf
  37. A5 coronavirus responce leaflet v3.pdf