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Congratulations to the many students who have secured a place at a university, workplace, or an apprenticeship! Staff at Prince Henry’s wish you every success in this next stage of your life.

Whilst overall school A level results are in line with previous years, and many Year 13 students are very happy with the outcome of today’s results, it is important to state that school leaders are extremely unhappy and frustrated with the impact that the national grade standardisation process has had on some individual students. Too many students have been given what appear to be arbitrary grades, that do not reflect their teacher’s assessment of their ability. 

Staff at Prince Henry’s are working hard with those students who have been adversely affected by the impact of COVID-19 to help them secure an appropriate route to achieve their goals. This includes guiding students through the appeal process. This is difficult due to the last-minute introduction (on Tuesday evening!) of an additional appeal route. Schools have yet to be given the criteria for appealing through this route, and it is not expected until the beginning of next week! Gavin Williamson (and the media) have described this additional appeal route as using ‘mock’ results, but in reality we believe that the criteria, which will be published by Ofqual, will be much more precise about what is needed for this type of appeal. Hopefully, this will help some more of our students secure the grade that they deserve. The team of talented and dedicated staff at Prince Henry’s are, as always, committed to helping all students be the best that they can be.

It is important to state that, despite our frustration, we are still incredibly proud of our students’ achievements this year, especially during the difficult circumstances that have arisen from the COVID-19 crisis. Students may not have sat exams this summer, but they have worked hard during their two-year course and many have achieved excellent outcomes as a result, and this should be celebrated.
Mrs Sheriff
Executive Headteacher