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British Sign Language 2023/24

As a registered Centre for Signature awards in British Sign Language (BSL), we are delighted to offer accredited courses at Level 1 and Level 2. 

For BSL 1 and 2, we allow payment on a termly basis, as with our other courses. There is an expectation, however, that students will continue for the full 30 week course (36 weeks for BSL 2) in order to gain accreditation. Exam sessions are included in these weeks. The second block starts before Christmas and the final block starts before Easter. 

There is a break for the school holidays, but the full 30/36 week block usually runs straight on apart from these breaks. If classes are missed due to unforeseen circumstances (such as tutor illness), it is sometimes necessary for Level One classes to last for 2.5 hours or Level Two classes to last for 3 hours and for start/finish times to vary by half an hour, in order to fit the hours into one academic year. 

Both courses are examined, with 3 examinations over the course of the 30/36 weeks. It is not possible to join the Level 2 course if you have not completed your Level 1 course successfully.  

Students who pass each of the 3 exams in each qualification are awarded the appropriate certificate. We hope that students will pass the exams, but in the event of failing a module, resits or appeals are offered, in consultation with your tutor, with the appropriate fee payable.

Course Day Time Tutor
BSL Level 1  limited paces available Monday 7pm - 9pm  Karen Healy
BSL Level 2 Wednesday 6.30pm - 9pm  Karen Healy

Signature Level 1 Award in British Sign Language 

The Level 1 Award in BSL provides an introduction and is suitable for all learners. A range of topics are studied that involve simple, everyday language use:

Weeks 1-10

BSL Unit 101

to BSL

Meeting people, numbers, weather, transport, directions

Weeks 11-20

BSL Unit 102

Conversational BSL

At home: people, animals and objects, numbers, interests and activities, weather

Weeks 21-30

BSL Unit 103

BSL in Everyday Life
(School, College & Work)

Getting around, exchanging information, refreshments, numbers

The termly course fee includes the exam fee for that term’s assessment unit, fees for Term 2 and 3 will be slightly more expensive, due to exam fees increasing (roughly £10):

Level 1 course fees INCLUDE exam fees


Full time student or
Over 65 and in full time retirement

School pupil (age 11+) or
In receipt of means-tested benefits

Term 1 (BSL 101)




Term 2 (BSL 102)

£147 £142 £132

Term 3 (BSL 103)

£147 £142 £132

Signature Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language 

This course is only available to those who have passed BSL Level 1. Please see the introductory text above for other details, which apply to both levels. In Level Two, learners develop an ability to communicate with deaf people in a range of familiar and work-related contexts, participating in longer and more open-ended exchanges. 

At Level 2, the three assessed units take place later in the course, however, the termly course fees include the examination fees, to spread the cost over the year.

Level 2 course fees INCLUDE exam fees


Full time student or
Over 65 and in full time retirement

School pupil (age 11+) or
In receipt of means-tested benefits

Term 1




Term 2

£210 £200 £190

Term 3 

£210 £200 £190

Although we are unable to offer grants, in some cases, it is possible to gain government funding for these courses.

Please visit for more information about these courses.