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Careers Information, 
Advice & Guidance (CIAG)

Students need to prepare themselves for a lifelong career that may include periods in employment, training, full-time or part-time study and self-employment.  Many of the jobs and business opportunities that will be open to them in the future do not even exist yet!  Help your child can prepare for their future by:

  • Being aware of their own preferences and skills and also what they are not keen on (Self-Awareness).
  • Understanding where to find information now and in the future about careers that might suit them (Career Exploration).
  • Understanding the relevant training and qualifications required to get them where they want to be.

Finding reliable information about the work that they can do is vital – both now and as they go through their options for post-16, post-18 and beyond. The links below will help you explore the local and national labour market information (LMI), to help with their choices.

Leeds Pathways has a local labour market section here, which allows you to explore where the jobs of the future are in Leeds and helps you decide what best suits your child and their skills.

The National Careers Service has national labour market information through their Jobs Profile pages here. This allows you to search a particular job to find out about the skills and qualifications needed, together with links through to the professional bodies for that sector.

The following pages will also help in the planning of their future and help them to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

For careers / course information go to:

To search for specific courses try:

Other popular FE and 6th Form Colleges include:

Need some career ideas or help with careers research?

If your child would you like to speak to a Careers Advisor they can:

  • Make a request through their Form Tutor who will email Student Services
  • Call into Student Services (bungalow)
  • Email our Careers Advisor, Mrs Robinson, at
  • Telephone 01943 463524 ext. 240

Students will receive an appointment either via their Form Tutor or alternatively, if they leave their mobile number, via a text message. Don't forget to follow @PHGSCareers on Twitter for up to date information.