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Careers Information, 
Advice & Guidance (CIAG)

Students need to prepare themselves for a lifelong career that may include periods in employment, training, full-time or part-time study and self-employment.  Many of the jobs and business opportunities that will be open to them in the future do not even exist yet!  Help your child to prepare for their future by:

  • Being aware of their own preferences and skills and also what they are not keen on (Self-Awareness).
  • Understanding where to find information now and in the future about careers that might suit them (Career Exploration).
  • Understanding the relevant training and qualifications required to get them where they want to be.

In keeping with our commitment to provide students with outstanding careers guidance and tailored support when choosing their next step after school, we will now be using Unifrog, an award-winning, online careers platform. All students from Years 7 to 13 now have access to this excellent website.

We have set up a parent login so that you can use Unifrog as if you were a student yourself, allowing you to truly support your child. The form code you need is: PHGSPARENTS50 (case sensitive) and you can sign up here:

Additionally, you may also find the following pages useful in the planning of their future and helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

Careers Research - see above for parent login code - job profiles - more job profiles - buzz quiz to help understand more about themselves - STEM careers

University and Apprenticeships - Search for University degree courses - Options if not going to Uni - apprenticeships info - Same as above

Apprenticships, Skills and Knowledge have given us a series of presentations about taking up apprenticeships which can be viewed here.

Volunteering - Volunteering - Volunteering - Website for Voluntary Action Leeds that gives information on how people in Leeds can get involved with supporting community and charity projects in their local area

Labour Market Information - see above for parent login code There’s our website FutureGoals - buzz quiz to help understand more about themselves - job profiles - more job profiles


Year 11 Transition Information

Bradford College




Craven College




Harrogate College

Further information here.



Leeds City College and 
Leeds Sixth Form College

Further information here.


Leeds College of Building




Shipley College




Our Careers Advisor is Julie Robinson.

Students can request an appointment to see the Careers Advisor through their Personal Tutor or Year Manager.  They will receive their appointment via their Tutor or alternatively, if they leave their mobile number, via a text message.

If you would like further information about our careers programme, or wish to speak to the Careers Advisor, please email or telephone 01943 463524 Ext: 240 (phone term time only).