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Community Education - 2020/2021

How is the Community Education Programme funded?

For many years, we received additional funding as a Specialist Language College which enabled us to subsidise the cost of all language courses. Unfortunately, this funding is no longer available to schools, so all courses must now be self-funding. However, the programme is run as a service to the local community on a “not for profit” basis, therefore, as long as we can cover the tutor’s salary and administration costs, we can allow all courses to run.

How are our courses structured?

Most of our courses run for one term initially. Many classes offer further enrolments for the Spring and Summer Terms, and run if financially viable. We use this system of termly enrolment because our students prefer it.

This year we are also running workshops in half term and on Saturdays, alongside our weekly classes.

Who can attend evening classes at Prince Henry’s?

Almost anyone! Most of our courses are accessible to all students over the age of eleven (Year 7 and above) and we welcome an increasing number of family groups. Although traditionally many of our students have come from Otley and neighbouring villages, more and more students are travelling from Leeds, Bradford, Ilkley and Harrogate, from where the school is easily accessible.

What makes Prince Henry’s different?

We believe that we offer a broad range of high-quality learning opportunities, in a friendly environment. Most of our courses are not accredited and they are free from the pressure of assessments and “portfolios of evidence” which some providers encourage their students to complete.

We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our courses soon.

Christopher Lillington
Programme Director

Pippa McPherson
Programme Co-ordinator