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    Community Initiatives

    Although we no longer receive any additional dedicated funding to support our work as a Specialist Language College, we continue to play a key role in supporting language learning in the local and wider community. Our Language College community programme has received national acclaim, and is based on four principal initiatives:

    Community Education Programme
    Our own independent programme of evening classes for the local community, which now attracts over 500 people enrolled on over 30 courses covering ten different languages. Alongside the language programme, we also run a series of hobbies and interests and healthy living courses.

    The Leeds Community Mandarin Chinese School
    A “supplementary school” for over 150 young people from across the city, who come together every Saturday afternoon to learn to read and write Mandarin Chinese, a language which they may already speak at home.

    Supporting Primary MFL
    An important part of our transition programme. Each week staff from Prince Henry’s deliver lessons in French and Spanish to Year 6 pupils in local primary schools. We have also supported the training of primary teachers to develop their own language teaching skills.

    Supporting other Secondary Schools
    We work with the other Specialist Language College and the local authority to provide support for language teaching in all secondary schools across the city, including training and advice.