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    South Africa

    Country: South Africa

    School: Earlington Secondary School

    Location: Durban

    Partnership: Established 2004


     Teacher Visits

    Following a visit by former International Co-ordinator June Brighouse in 2004, we signed a partnership agreement with Earlington School and subsequently welcomed teachers from the school.

    Staff from both schools have also been involved in mutual professional development projects, learning from one another's good practice, and have contributed to developing and trialling new teaching materials for the geography curriculum.


    Collaborative Projects

    Our two schools received national acclaim for our curriculum partnership work supported by funding through the DFID Global Schools Partnership scheme. This has included projects in design & technology and business studies, but most of all in geography, where themes explored have included access to education, sustainable development, HIV/AIDS and social justice. Contact has been by e-mail, video conferencing and exchange of students’ work by post!


    Prince Henry’s students have raised over £4,000 to support specific projects at Earlington.

    Student Visits

    Five groups of students have visited Earlington as part of a Geography Field Trip, and we have hosted three visits from Earlington students, in partnership with the Leeds Breeze Festival.

    PE Tour of South Africa



    In recent years, the PE Faculty has taken a Sports Trip of 60 students to South Africa to pit themselves against some of the best school teams in the world. As well as playing rugby and netball matches, the teams also experience the culture of this amazing country.