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    Welcome to the Eco-mmittee!

    Here at Prince Henry's, we’re proud to have an active environmental group: Eco-mmittee! Comprised of a very passionate ensemble of students from across the school, Eco-mittee aims to improve sustainability within our school and local community.

    A bit about us:

    We work with local charities to give a unique youth perspective and we regularly advocate for biodiversity: ensuring that in some exciting new developments such as the 3G pitch and new sports buildings that nature and wildlife is always a priority. PE2, which is being built at the moment (as of March 2024), is getting an amazing green roof, insect hotels adorn the outside wall of some of our classrooms and the wildlife areas that have been created with the 3G pitch should hopefully create an inviting environment for all sorts of wonderful wildlife!

    We help to create educational resources which can then be used to spread awareness of various environmental challenges – for example, we are currently producing some brand new PSHE lessons on themes such as marine conservation, biodiversity and litter, and engaging with the student body during weekly assemblies. Anyone can make a difference, and ultimately the goal is everyone doing something imperfectly rather than a few doing it perfectly, which is why we encourage anyone to make the little changes to their lives to support our bright vision for whatever is to come.

    How do I join?

    Eco-mmittee welcomes anyone to get involved – all students need to do is turn up at Hu7 on a Tuesday week B or Sc6 week A! Our current team is made up of some undoubtedly creative, dedicated individuals, and they would love anyone who cares about the environment to come and make the difference they want to see at Prince Henry's. We hope to see you soon!

    Why should I join?

    Being a part of the Eco-mmittee is an educational experience in itself, packed with some fantastic trips and opportunities and a place to grow a variety of personal skills, such as leadership, teamwork and project planning. Some of the topics we cover link to curriculum lessons, so next time you have geography you’ll know exactly what the 17 sustainable goals are!

    We are proud to have the International Eco-Schools Award - Distinction

    Organisations we have worked with: