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How many courses do students take?  

Most students will take 3 A-level or level 3 vocational courses plus either an enrichment course such as EPQ or non-qualification enrichment modules.  Some students take 4 A-levels, but this entails a high workload and is not always advisable, unless the 4th is Further Maths.  BTEC Sport counts as two A-levels so most students take this plus one other course.

Is there any advice on choosing good combinations of courses?

There will be a discussion at interview about combinations of courses, but students can use the ‘Choosing Your A-level Courses’ booklet available here and on our website to help inform their choices.  Students can also come and talk to a member of the Sixth Form team during break or lunchtime on any day.

How much timetable time is spent in lessons?  

Students are timetabled for 9 hours per fortnight for each of their level 3 courses.  Some of the remaining time may be used for Enrichment lessons.  For the rest of the time students are allocated a number of fixed study periods which are spent in the library.  Other study time may be spent in the Quad and some periods are allocated as home study.  The amount of home study is initially lower in Year 12 but increases over the year as students develop good independent study habits.

What space is available for Sixth Form outside lessons?

During study lessons students use the library, which is a silent working space, and the Sixth Form Quad, which is a more informal, café-style space.  There are also specialist study rooms for Media, Art and Technology.  At break students use the Quad and at lunch they may either use the Quad or go off site.

Will you be running Criminology or Law?

We intend to run either Criminology or Law, or possibly both in September if we have sufficient numbers.  We will be able to assess this once we have interviewed students in the spring term.

How do buses work for Sixth Form?

Sixth Form students can either use service buses or the school bus services.  Information about Prince Henry’s school buses can be found on the Metro website bus information.

What is the timescale for applications?  

Key dates can be found on our website here

What are the entry requirements for different subjects?

These can be found on our course details pages here.  The entry requirements are different for each subject because each needs a slightly different combination of grades at GCSE to make a successful progression.

What happens if I change my mind about courses?

There are a number of opportunities for students to swap courses.  We can change options at interview, or after exam results, or even in September.  We know that choosing A-level courses is not easy, and we aim to be as flexible as possible.

Are there any subjects which can’t be taken together?

Not at the moment in terms of the timetable. We start to build our timetable blocks once we have initial application forms in, but these remain flexible until we have completed all interviews.  At this point we will endeavour to make as many subject combinations as possible available.  On the rare number of occasions we cannot accommodate a student’s choices, we will work with them to look for suitable alternatives.  

Can we have another chance to look round the school?

Yes, on January 17th from 2.30-6pm there will be an opportunity to book a tour of the school and meet the Sixth Form team to ask any further questions. If you are interested in booking a place, please contact