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FAQs 2021/22

Please note: these FAQs assume that restrictions will be lifted in September. If guidance changes, then these FAQS will be updated.

Protocols for In School Classes

All Classes

When do weekly classes start?

Weekly classes will begin in w/c Monday 20 September.

How many weeks are the classes?

Most classes last for 10 weeks each term, with a break for half term from Monday 25 October. If a class has a different number of weeks, it will be stated. Unless otherwise stated, most classes then continue in the Spring and Summer Terms. 

Where has my level gone? Why aren’t you running every level?

As you will appreciate, we have been dealing with an unprecedented situation and have had to make difficult decisions accordingly. In order to sustain the programme, we have taken the decision to advertise only those levels which we feel we have a reasonable chance of filling. Should we find that another level is appropriate, and we are able to resource it, we will expand our offering accordingly. We have analysed attendance over recent years, discussed with tutors and used your responses to the questionnaires to arrive at the levels which we are advertising.

How many places are you having on each course?

We will consider each course, and its location, on a case by case basis. We will not be having 25 places on Beginners courses, as in the past, but will be considering the capacity of individual classrooms. Our aim is to use the biggest classrooms for the courses, to allow our evening students to choose to sit at a distance, if they prefer. Please rest assured that we will be working within government guidance at all times.

What if my class has sold out?

We will keep waiting lists, as usual, and if places become available or circumstances change, we will be in touch.

We stopped halfway through the year, will I be left behind?

No, but you may need to repeat the level, if you have not attended online or worked independently. Our intention is for classes to resume either at where they were in March 2020 (if they have not continued online) or to continue from where they are now, after online teaching. Please check the description of each level carefully, to make sure you are enrolling at the most appropriate level for you. You are, of course, welcome to begin a level again, if you feel that that is most appropriate for you. If you would like any advice, contact Pippa at school and she will try and help.

What is your refund policy?

It is usually our policy to only offer a full refund if a class does not run due to low numbers or tutor illness. In order to sustain the viability of the programme, partial refunds will not be given except in exceptional circumstances.

In School Classes

What are you doing to keep us safe?

We will be enrolling to a sensible number of students, based on the size of the room in use and the nature of the class.

Some classes may be asked to enter school through a different door, rather than using the main Reception doors after Week One, due to the location of their classroom. All attendees will be given clear directions and we will make sure that classes are suitably signposted. We have roomed the classes in our largest classrooms.

We will follow any government guidance which is place at the time and keep students and tutors updated throughout.

Please do not come onto the school site if you or a member of your household is displaying coronavirus symptoms. 

Can I have a coffee or fill my water bottle?

We will provide our usual café service in Henry's Diner. There are 3 or 4 water coolers which are accessible to the locations around school and we will let students know where these are. If guidance is in place, we will follow any restrictions, as necessary.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

If guidance does not enforce the wearing of face coverings, we will not ask you to wear a face covering. If you feel more comfortable wearing a face covering, either to use the corridors or during your class, you are welcome to do so. You may be asked to remove it for speaking exercises, in order for your tutor to hear your pronunciation and accent clearly.

Online Classes (Family History 4 week class)

Help! I have never been to an online class, won’t it be difficult to join?

"At first I was quite apprehensive with regard to online learning, but was astonished at how easy and rewarding the whole experience rapidly became".   Vince

Jackie Depelle is an experienced tutor, who has been teaching online throughout the pandemic. You can join the classes online on a computer, laptop, tablet or iPad with a webcam or ‘selfie’ camera and may not even have to download anything to join, but can just click on a link in an email. You will need a pair of headphones with a microphone (most phone headphones have this feature) or speakers on your device.

Then all you need is a reasonable WiFi signal and somewhere comfortable to sit, where you can write, if you want to take additional notes. We will provide a ‘How To’ nearer the time and your tutor will be able to support you though the simple process of joining a class. 

What platform will my tutor be using?

Jackie uses Zoom for her online lessons. This is the platform which she feels suits her style of teaching and with which she is comfortable.

What should I expect from an online class?

An interesting and social learning experience, in a slightly different format from usual! Your tutor will use different resources, depending on their preference (and you may well have experienced their style of teaching previously). You will soon find that the online classes are much more similar to the ‘in school’ classes you may have been used to than you thought.

If these FAQs do not answer your question, please email and we will try and help.