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In the Last Ten Years...

  • We have 100% record in getting Vets into University.

  • We have sent more than 25 medics and dentists to University (not to mention the Biomedics, Biochemists and others).

  • We have sent a multitude of people to study Sports Sciences and sports-related degrees, from participating to coaching to journalism to teaching.

  • We have sent more than 35 people to Oxford, Cambridge or Durham to read everything from Maths and Chemistry to Medicine to Modern or Medieval languages.

  • More than 50 people have gone to study History or Politics.

  • Our MFL faculty has enabled students to study French, German and Spanish – and Russian, Arabic and Chinese (as well as many business courses, teaching courses and more as a facilitating subject).

  • More than 60 people have gone on to study English – at everywhere from Durham to Newcastle, Nottingham and Leeds (to mention but a few!).

  • We’ve sent Biologists, Physicists, Chemists, Teachers, Performers, Fashion Designers, Singers, Composers, Lawyers, Chefs, IT geniuses, Management Gurus, Marketeers, PRs, Media Producers, Product Designers, Journalists, Engineers, Artists, Marine Biologists, Geographers, Games Designers, Environmentalists, Apprentices and more out into the world.

Prince Henry’s Sixth Form.  See where we can get you.