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Induction FAQs

I have a provisional offer of a place in the Sixth Form.  What happens next?

On results day, if you have met the entry requirements for your course, you will be asked to complete an online enrolment form to confirm your place.  If you have not met the entry requirements for some subjects, you will be invited to book a meeting with the Sixth Form and Careers Team in school to discuss options before you complete the enrolment form.  If you don’t wish to take up your place in the Sixth Form, please email to confirm this.

What will happen at the start of term?

The first day of term is likely to be an induction day for Year 12 and Year 7 students only, so that you can learn about how Sixth Form works and get your bearings, if you are new, before lessons start properly.  You will get your timetable and a Sixth Form planner which has details of the calendar, the set up of the day and other key information.  You will also choose your enrichment options.

What if I want to change my options?

On results day, there will be an opportunity to book appointments to discuss this, if you need to.  Also, on the enrolment form, there will the chance to indicate any changes you wish to make.  Changes are usually possible if they fit into the timetable, but some subjects may be full and, in this case, priority is given to those students who opted for the subject in the first instance. 

If I have taken 4 subjects, can I drop one?

Yes - if you discuss this with the Sixth Form team first.  If you have taken four subjects with the intention of dropping one early, then this must be done by the 1st week in October.  If you intend to carry on with four subjects but are finding this difficult later in the year, please come and see us to discuss options.

What happens if I don’t meet the entry requirements?

Book an appointment and come in to see us.  We can often find options that will work for you with your grades and, if not, we can offer support with finding alternative options elsewhere. 

What happens if I don't get a grade 4 in GCSE English or Maths?

Don't worry, you can still enrol in Sixth Form if you don't get a Grade 4 or more in English and Maths, but you will have to re-sit these subjects in Sixth Form.  We run re-sit classes that are just for Sixth Form so you won't be working with Year 11s.  These are small classes and, if you work hard with the teachers, the results of resits are usually good.  Your English or Maths result may limit the A-level options you can take, so you may need to have a conversation with the Sixth Form team on results day about options.

Who are the main points of contact for Sixth Form?

The Sixth Form team consists of Mrs Willis, Mrs Robinson-Junni, Mr Faulkner and Mrs Dickinson, along with the Sixth Form Tutors.  In the first instance, ask your form tutor, and if they can’t help, come to the Sixth Form office and we will be able to sort out any queries.

Where do I find out about buses?

The WY Metro Schools’ website has information about the Prince Henry’s buses and bus passes.  The link to this can be found here.

Can I drive to school, once I pass my test?

Many students do drive to school, but students are not permitted to park on the school site.  We ask you to be considerate to our neighbours and park sensibly.  Please do not park in Prince Henry’s Court (the cul-de-sac outside the Newall Carr Road entrance) or on the narrow part of the road outside.  Given concerns about climate change, we would recommend that you use public transport, walk or cycle to school rather than using a private car.

What is the dress code?

Details of the Sixth Form dress code can be found on the website here.

What happens if I need to be absent from school?

If you know that you will be absent on a particular day, you need to tell your form tutor and your subject teachers.  It is your responsibility to find out about any work set on that day and to catch up.  If you are ill, a parent or carer needs to ring on the first day of absence and again if the absence will be more than 3 days.  You should avoid taking time off during term-time for non-essential reasons, as A-level work is hard to catch up with.  If you do wish to do this, you will need to complete an absence during term-time form, which is available from student reception.

What food is available in school?

Hot drinks, snacks and sandwiches can all be purchased from the Quad at break and lunchtime, or alternatively, hot meals are available in the Year 11/Sixth Form area of Henry’s Diner.  There are also vending machines in the the Quad atrium. We operate a cashless catering system and you pay using your ID badge which also acts as a lunch card.  If you are new to PHGS, you will need to register for our online payments system – details will be sent out after enrolment.  Students can also register their own bank accounts on this system, so that they can top up their own cards, if they wish to spend extra.

Do I need an iPad?

Everyone in Sixth Form is expected to have an iPad, tablet or laptop to use in school.  This can be your own device or one from the school iPad system, but must be a recent enough model to access OneDrive and other Office 365 functions.  Sixth Form students are allowed alternatives, as we recognise that you may prefer the functionality of a laptop. However, this must be brought to school every day and available for use in lessons.  A phone is not an acceptable alternative device.  For those new to Prince Henry’s, details of the iPad scheme will be sent out later in the term, should you wish to join.  For students who have no device of their own and do not wish to join the scheme, we have a number of iPads that can be borrowed while in school.