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    Induction and Life in KS3 FAQs


    My child has been awarded a place at PHGS. WHat happens next?

    We will send a pack of information out to all students at their primary school. This contains useful information and also an important set of forms that must be completed and returned to us. For main feeder primary schools, the primary school will collect these in and pass the completed set to us. For students coming from outside of the main feeder primary schools, this should be returned directly to Prince Henry's marked for the attention of the Year 7 [insert academic year your child starts] Manager.

    I have additional information I would like to pass on to the school before my child starts. How can I do this?

    We offer all parents of new starters the opportunity to attend a ‘Family Interview’ which lasts approximately 15 minutes and gives you, and your child, a chance to tell us about themselves. Details of when this takes place can be found in the information pack. We also hold an ‘Induction Evening’ which, where possible, allows you to meet your child’s Personal Tutor.

    Induction Day - what happens?

    In July, students who will make up the new Year 7 cohort attend Prince Henry’s for ‘Induction Day’. This is a chance for your son/ daughter to experience school day at Prince Henry’s. They will have an assembly, tutor group time with their Personal Tutor (where possible) and a variety of lessons plus have lunch in Henry’s. They should attend dressed in their current primary school uniform.

    How do you put students into tutor groups?

    Students are placed into nine mixed ability tutor groups. Five of these will study French; four will study Spanish – where possible students will continue to follow the language they studied at primary school. If your child is from one of our main feeder schools we guarantee that they will be placed in a tutor group with someone from their primary school. Please note that although we are keen on students keeping their old friends we want to actively encourage them to move forward and make new friends, as such, we do not take friendship requests into account.

    What information do you find out about my child prior to them starting at Prince Henry's?

    We liaise closely with your son/ daughter’s current primary school to gather as much information as possible about our new arrivals. We will be made aware of SATs scores, teacher assessments and any issues that the primary school feels we should know. The SENCOs at Prince Henry’s and your child’s primary school liaise to find out about any particular special needs.

     At Prince Henry's

    Will my child be taught in ability sets?

    In Year 7, most lessons are taught in the mixed ability tutor group your child has been placed into. The notable exceptions in Year 7 are Maths and Languages, who tend to set students according to ability by the first half term holiday. Faculties are free to choose the setting system that they feel best works for them, so there may be changes to this from time to time. In Year 8, most subjects put students into sets, although the criteria for these differ from faculty to faculty.

    Who will look after my child at Prince Henry's?

    Your child will have a Personal Tutor who, it is anticipated, will stay with your son/daughter up until the end of their GCSE examinations. Therefore, it is vital that they build up a positive relationship as soon as possible. Each year group has a Year Manager who is not a teacher and so is more easily available and helps to deal with issues the tutor is unable to. The Year Manager will stay with your child throughout Key Stage 3. Overseeing the whole of Key Stage 3 is the Progress Leader, Mr Day, who works closely with the Year Managers, but has a key focus on monitoring the academic achievement of students throughout Key Stage 3

    How do I find out about buses to/from school?

    Details of bus numbers/routes are available at the 'generationM' website run by Metro. A link is available on the school website here. This also has details regarding bus passes.

    How can I find out about uniform, discpline and policies?

    Key information on uniform will be in the information pack students receive after being awarded a place at Prince Henry's. You can also find our uniform policies (including information on Year 7 PE Kit and what is compulsory or optional) here.Additional policies are distributed at the Induction Evening. Many of these can be found on the school website. Once your child starts at Prince Henry's, they will receive a Student Planner which contains all the relevant information on uniform, discipline, the school day, etc….

    Are lockers easily accessible?

    All students have access to a locker which they share with another student in their form group. Lockers are generally located in a student's form room, or close by. Some of these rooms need to be locked (for example a Science classroom) so students need to negotiate with their tutor how they will access their lockers at break and lunchtime. Once allocated, your child(ren) will need to bring in a padlock.

    My child is unwell and has PE, what should I do?

    If your child has an injury or is unable to take part in PE they should bring a note clearly outlining the issue signed by parents/ carers. They must also still bring their PE kit to avoid receiving a 'negative comment' for equipment.

    My child is worried about being late between lessons.

    We are aware that the school covers a large site and that there is not an official ‘movement time’ between certain periods. Teachers are aware of this and will take these factors into consideration when starting lessons. Students should use break and lunchtime to go to the toilet, thus preventing them being late.

    What should we do if we feel our child needs extra support in their lessons?

    The first point of contact should be the Year Manager or Progress Leader and they will be able to assist. If this relates to SEN issues, then the SENCO at Prince Henry's will be able to help.

    How does my child(ren) find out about extra-curricular clubs?

    There are a mass of extra-curricular offers at Prince Henry’s. They are advertised in assemblies, lessons, form time and around school. They are an excellent way for students to become immersed in life at Prince Henry’s. There is also an extra-curricular club booklet, which is produced in late September and sent home with every student. A copy can be found on the website here.

    What are the expectations and rules around iPads?

    The rules are clearly laid out in the Student Planner. Students are also made aware of them in a series of assemblies once they get their iPad. It is important to remember that iPads are designed to enhance the learning environment and experience so must be used as such.

     Uniform issues

    Can my child wear an outdoor coat?

    Yes. We ask students to remove outdoor coats once they enter the building. Coats can be placed in lockers (which are usually found in form rooms) or bags. They can be worn at break and lunchtime outside, but again must be removed when returning to the building.


    How does my child get their lunch?

    School has a cafeteria known as ‘Henry’s Diner’ which serves a variety of food. It uses a cashless system where students are given a lunch card which they add credit to. When purchasing food students hand over the card and the price of their food is deducted from the total they have available. If your child loses their lunch card they are charged for a replacement – this is deducted from the credit.

    Can I see lunch menus?

    Yes. These are available on the school website here.

    Can I see what my child has eaten?

    This can be found through the online payment system.

    What can I get for the Meal of the Day?

    The Meal Deal (price as of Sept 2018 is £2.60) gives students a hot meal or sandwich and desert. Drinks are not included in this, but water is available for all and your child should bring a water bottle for this.

    How often should I top up my child's lunch card?

    This is entirely up to you. We encourage parent/carers to access the online payment system. Students can also put money on their lunch card daily, or less frequently should you wish. You can also pay by cheque made payable to Prince Henry’s Grammar School. You should be aware that having a large sum of money on their card can lead to the temptation of spending more than necessary.

    Can I cap what my child spends each day on their lunch card?

    Yes. Please contact your child’s Year Manager to arrange this.