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KS4 Options 2020 - 2022

Information below relates to students choosing their options in February 2020. A copy of the booklet, additional information relating to subjects and the options form can be found in the links shown.

What subjects MUST students study and why?

Core subjects must be studied by the majority of students.

· The importance of English, Maths and Science for all students is obvious.

· It is a compulsory requirement of all schools to offer students some form of religious education until they are 16. From September 2019 this takes the form of a one hour per week non-examined ‘PREP’ lesson that covers a range of topics with a Philosophy, Religion, Ethics and Public Citizenship focus.

· We have a responsibility to encourage young people to lead a full and active life and our core PE programme provides opportunities for this.

· As a Specialist Language College, Modern Foreign Language (MFL) is highly regarded and through either French or Spanish develops skills that support the wider curriculum.

· PSHE is not taught as a separate subject; the relevant content is covered on PSHE Days and through the other subjects within the curriculum.

Why do students have to choose subjects from the options list?

Students study fewer subjects at Key Stage 4 than at Key Stage 3 because the time required to reach GCSE standard is greater than the curriculum time in Years 7, 8 and 9. This means that from the options list they can select those subjects in which they have the greatest interest. It does however also mean that they will have to stop studying some subjects, this may include some subjects that they enjoy and in which they have reached a high standard: this means that the choice of subjects will have to be made very carefully.

It is the Governors’ policy that all students at Prince Henry’s follow a broad and balanced curriculum. Students are asked to select three option subjects (plus one reserve) to study in Key Stage 4. They must therefore think carefully about which subjects are selected; at this time it is advisable not to ‘close doors’ which could limit choice of subjects to pursue at sixth form, College or in Further/Higher Education.

How do students make their choice?

Students need to complete the form found in the back of the options booklet and return it to school on ‘Options Day’ - Friday 14th February 2020. They should think carefully about their subject choices; ask for advice from subject teachers, personal tutors, careers staff and parents; find out about subject content and assessment; research the necessary subject requirements for any career in which they may be interested. There are certain subjects that students may be able to pick up again in the sixth form, even if they drop them now.

It is recommended to keep a balance between more academic and creative subjects. The choice should reflect individual interests and abilities and should not be made because of pressure from others. Teachers, classes and friendship groups change from year to year. It is very important that students make the right choices NOW. The timetable for next year will be designed according to the choices students make on ‘Options Day’ any requests for changes at a later date may not be possible.


Tuesday 7th January 2020

Options booklet given to students.

Thursday 9th January 2020

Options Evening in school, 6:30pm

Monday 10th February 2020

Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Friday 14th February 2020

Options Day – All completed forms in on this day.

A small number of students were given an alternative options form. Additional copies of this can be requested from the KS3 office.