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National Strike Action 2023

As you will be aware, the National Education Union has voted overwhelmingly to pursue strike action in schools.  These strikes are ongoing.

Thank you for your help and understanding while we manage this process safely and in the best interests of the students most at risk.  

If you need a place in the Requested group as parents/carers who are Critical Workers, and cannot make other provision, please email by 12 noon on the day before you require the place.

Please check that you qualify as a Critical Worker here

Remote Learning Resources


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10






Revision activities

English Language activities

English Literature activities






Sparx Maths

Types of data U322

Collecting and recording data using tables U120

Designing and using questionnaires U911

Presenting data and making conclusions U571

Population, Sampling and bias U162

Comparing populations using diagrams U520

Sparx Maths

Using probability phrases U803

Writing probabilities as fractions U408

Writing probabilities as fractions, decimals, percentages U510

Probabilities of mutually exclusive events U683

Expected results from repeated experiments U166

Sparx Maths

Calculating the range U526

Calculating the median U456

Finding the mode U260

Calculating the mean U291

Interpreting frequency tables and two way tables U981

Interpreting frequency tables with grouped data U312

Finding averages from diagrams U854

Finding averages from grouped data U877

Finding averages from frequency tables U569

Sparx Maths

Translation U196

Reflection U799

Rotation U696

Enlargement by a positive scale factor U519


On Bitesize work through investigative science processes.

using a microscope, life processes and energy

On Bitesize work through some of the following topics:

Nutrition and digestion.

Respiratory system

Chemical elements

Energy and electricity.













Glorious Revolution

World War 1

Revision of recent topics


Geographical skills

Geography revision and practice


KS3 French - BBC Bitesize

KS3 Spanish - BBC Bitesize

KS3 German - BBC Bitesize

Year 8 and Year 9 might also want to log in to their Active Learn accounts

GCSE - BBC Bitesize

GCSE Revision | Revision World

(Select the language you are studying)

Students can also log into their Active Learn accounts







World views on religion

KS4 Prep – pick a topic in philosophy or ethics to explore from this website

KS4 EPRSeneca learning

(Year 10 – AQA  Y11 – Edexcel)

Computer Science

Work can be found on Teams or the BBC bitesize website.

Work can be found on Teams or the BBC bitesize website, and the Isaac Computer Science website.


Log on to the Art Student Sharepoint for ideas for activities


Work through the video tutorials on GarageBand  on Showbie (in the Pachelbel's Canon remix task area)


Practice the 12 bar blues if you have an instrument at home, or do some research into writing blues lyrics


Practice Say Something OR Starlight (both on Showbie - Cover versions) if you have an instrument. If not, read through resources and listen to the songs

Y10: Carry on with preparing ensemble performances


Mime & Silent movies. Interpreting and performing a character.

There are several tools available to performers when interpreting and performing a character, all of which can be experimented with.

Learn and explore these practically to improve your workshop skill. 

Commedia dell' Arte research

Commedia is research based as it was so long ago, 1600's to be accurate. Learn more about your characters from this website.

This will support your creative characterisation and decisions in class. 


Page to stage - Tusk Tusk

Read article on the play and its intentions 

These themes and performance skills will be introduced into your next lesson. 


Devising - Found Text - Text does NOT just mean words it could be a picture or object.

Anything can be a start point for devising as long as you find it interesting as a spark!

1- Watch this clip

2- Search the house and find something you feel is a great start point for devising.

3- In showbie, photograph what you found and say/write why you like it for creative sparks.

Design and Tech

Go through teams assignments and respond to feedback, catch up with any lessons that you have missed.

Revise using Seneca learning for your current subject area in Technology end of term examinations.





GCSE bitesize

KS4 - Technology and Textiles

Work on controlled assessment

Revise using Seneca learning for your subject area

GCSE Bitesize

KS4 - Food and Hospitality

Practice your final examination dishes

Go through controlled assessment on teams

Revise on the food prep and nutrition Seneca (food students only)

Food a Fact of Life

GCSE Bitesize Hospitality

GCSE Bitesize Food


Core PE students can work on completing the knowledge organisers in their planners.

Year 10 GCSE/BTEC students can access 'the everlearner' online resource to either watch short tutorial videos or undertake quiz questions on content.