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One-Off Workshops 2023/2024

Please note: as well as any materials fees tec stated in particular classes, there are also enrolment fees for the workshops, to pay for the tutors and overheads. We also need you to fill out an enrolment form, so that we can get in touch with instructions for the day. You can find this information here.

African Drumming for Families

Wednesday 1st November, Tuesday 13th February. 1pm to 4pm. Alison Lyon.
If you’ve got a heartbeat you’ve got rhythm! Learn to tap your natural human potential with Drums Agogo – hand-drum tuition on genuine African instruments. Have fun as a family and learn a new skill. Tutor info:

African Drumming - adult taster

All levels. Saturday 10th February. 1pm to 4pm. Alison Lyon.
If you’ve got a heartbeat, you’ve got rhythm! For beginners and also those who have already reached a good standard of knowledge fluency and skill. Bring our own djembe or borrow one of ours.
Tutor info:

Art History - Explore Artistic Styles - SOLD OUT

Saturday 28th October. 10am to 1pm. Sabrina Casarin.
Take a trip back in time through the styles of famous painters - from Realism to Cubism, via Impressionism, Romanticism and more!  

Art History - Society and Art

Saturday 10th February. 10am to 1pm. Sabrina Casarin.
Discover how events in society affected the art styles of the day and how artists and their art affected the society around them. 

Art - Observational Drawing & Painting

Beginners & Improvers. Saturday 28th October, Saturday 10th February. 10am to 4pm.  Emma Cartledge.
A practical art class. The joy of looking and expressing what you see. Introducing artists such as Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse and Paula Modershon Becker. Explore and experiment with varied media and techniques in a friendly and welcoming class. Materials cost of £5 due on the day. Tutor info:

Creative Crochet - taster - SOLD OUT

Beginners. Saturday 28th October. 1pm to 3pm.  Abigail James. SOLD OUT - waiting list available
Come along for an introduction to crochet or to refresh your knowledge, learn three basic stitches and create a bookmark or decorative coaster. Materials cost of £3 Crochet Hooks in size 6 needed. Tutor info:

Dru Yoga - taster

Beginners & Intermediates. Saturday 10th February. 10am to 12 noon. Claire Marsh. 
Learn about this flowing form of yoga with roots in Hatha yoga. With classical postures, powerful sequences and breathwork, Dru supports a flexible body and mind, and teaches you how to relax. It does not focus on achieving textbook postures but on finding the perfect posture for you, so all abilities, shapes and sizes are encouraged. Workshop includes information and simple techniques that you can use at home. Bring yoga mat, drink, blanket and a cushion, and wear comfortable clothes.

Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Beginners. Saturday 10th February. 10am to 4pm. Bridget Barr.
A practical opportunity to be introduced to some of techniques and ideas, including simple strategies to bypass habits of tension and gentle ways of improving the tone and strength you need every day. More info: email Bridget Barr on and see 

The Alexander Technique for Musicians

Beginners. Saturday 28th October. 10am to 4pm. Bridget Barr.
Explore a set of simple techniques to help reduce tension and strain whilst playing. Depending on the wishes of the group, we will explore topics such as: holding instruments; sitting and standing whilst playing; breathing easily. More info: email Bridget Barr on and see 

Portuguese Culture

Saturday 10th February. 10am to 12 noon. Sandra Luz Santos.
On the trail of England’s oldest ally.... Discover the history and origins of Portugal, its language, culture, people, music and most importantly its food and drink, because a day without food is a day not worth living as far as the Portuguese are concerned. Discover a lot more about one of the smallest but oldest countries in Europe.

Rock Guitar - very limited places remaining

Beginners. Saturday 28th October. 10am to 4pm. Ben Appleby.
Bring your electric guitar or bass with a speaker and learn how to make some serious noise! Whether you want to be Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards or Eric Clapton, learn some techniques to make that guitar sing when you practise. Electric Guitar or bass needed, with speaker.

Sewing for Fun - Project in a Day

Improvers. 10am to 4pm. Thursday 2nd November. Emma Garry.
Make a simple dress or top in a day with guidance. Pattern no more than £15 to pay on the day. Some experience of using a sewing machine necessary. For more details, contact Emma on
Sewing machine needed. Buy fabric or bring your own. 

Strong Vinyassa Flow Yoga

All Levels. Saturday 10th February. 10am to 11am. Sally Sadik.
A traditional Vinyassa flow with a powerful focus. Engage your heart, body and mind for a strong, dynamic and playful sequence focused on improving strength and flexibility. This class is open to all levels so you can get the most out of your practice. All students will be made to feel welcome! Come and enjoy a powerful, sweaty flow that will leave you feeling strong and fulfilled. 

Wreath Making for Christmas

Tuesday 5th & Tuesday 12th December. 7pm to 9pm. Margaret Wightman.
Create your own wreath for Christmas. Enjoy a demonstration and discussion of materials in week one and then bring your greenery and decorations to create your own wreath in week two.

Yoga & Mindfulness for 11 -18s 

Saturday 28th October. 11am to 1pm. Claire Marsh.
Switch off from the online world, exams, and things that bog you down, and have a taste of what yoga can do for mind and body. Suitable for all abilities & fitness levels, the focus is on flexibility, strengthening, and fun postures. This class is not about achieving textbook yoga postures, but getting to know what is right for you. Try some relaxation, breathing and mindfulness activities that you can use at home to help sleep, manage stress, and feel positive. Wear comfy clothes & bring a drink, blanket & cushion.