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PSHE and Citizenship

For each year group, the following key areas will be covered across the academic year:

  • Personal and social relationships
  • Health and well-being
  • Preparing for the future
  • Life in the wider world

Each of the six calendared drop-down days will have one of these as an over-arching theme to ensure continuity and meaningful learning for our students; this allows them to engage with the material and draw links between their learning, which should prepare them well for synthesising new information in school, as well as in their lives beyond.

Each day will typically include a range of different sessions, including external speakers, taught lessons and practical workshops that allow students to approach each of the key themes from a range of different perspectives and learning styles.

With four key themes across each year, it also allows flexibility for additional themed sessions in each year group (in addition to our global citizenship day, which we call ‘Timanyane Day’) to be adapted for the specific needs of the year group in question. For example, to include an extra day on ‘Personal and social relationships’ for Year 7 gives the students and staff an extra opportunity to settle into a new school environment.

Students will have a designated PSHE and Citizenship exercise book (a folder for current KS4 students), kept by their tutors, where all relevant work will be completed; this will include all six drop-down days, connected tutor sessions and some other activities/speakers/assemblies. While this will stay in school, there may be opportunities at Parents’ Evenings or other face-to-face meetings for parents to see this, as requested.

Staff are also receiving a number of professional development opportunities to enable them to offer confident and high-quality education across the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum.

Year 7

PSHE Day Theme Day Topic Key learning

Day One

Personal & Social Relationships Transition to Secondary School Exploring new personal and social relationships that Year 7 students are likely to be making in their early days of secondary school, including forming positive relationships, understanding expectations, and looking to the future.

Day Two

Health & Well Being Healthy Lives Focusing on staying both physically and mentally well, during a period of significant change in young people’s lives, including conversations on puberty, mental health, developing healthy habits and awareness of personal safety.

Day Three

Life in the Wider World Diversity & Justice Identifying and evaluating core values in young people’s lives to ensure everyone can co-exist fairly and equally within society; sessions will explore prejudice and discrimination, action and charity groups, human rights and diversity.

Day Four

Preparing for the Future Developing Skills & Aspirations Working on developing students’ personal goals and academic targets, with identification of needs and wants, skills and attributes, early career aspirations and positive, productive study skills.

Day Five

Preparing for the Future Moving Friendships Forward Revisiting some of the personal and social aspects of life as a Year 7 student introduced in September, focusing on reflections on the first year, student self-worth, maintaining positive and healthy relationships with peers, including identifying and avoiding bullying.

Year 8

PSHE Day Theme Day Topic Key learning
Day One Health & Well Being Ways of Coping Exploring ways of coping with some of the common challenges in young people’s lives, including alcohol consumption, sleep habits, body image and online stress.
Day Two Life in the Wider World Digital Literacy Explore online safety, including age restrictions and accessibility, social media use, news and media outlets, and financial security online.
Day Three Preparing for the Future Employment & Earnings Investigating the employment market from the perspective of under 16s, with part-time work and volunteering as a minor; students will also revisit their relevant skills and attributes, explore pocket money, budgeting, and possible careers research.
Day Four Personal & Social Relationships Building Identity & Relationships Exploring young people’s personal identities and relationships, with session content including healthy behaviour and expectations within romantic relationships, gender identity and sexual orientation, peer pressure, and the dangers of explicit texts and images.

Day Five

Life in the Wider World Exploring our Experiences Discovering the realities of students’ own and alternative lived experiences, encouraging insight and empathy for different sense (visual/hearing impairment), cultural, socio-economic and other life experiences.

Year 9

PSHE Day Theme Day Topic Key learning
Day One Health & Well Being Choices & Influences Examining the choices and influences of young people that may impact their physical and mental wellbeing; sessions will explore role models, gang culture, carrying weapons, types of behaviour and the implications of drugs and alcohol.
Day Two Personal & Social Relationships Intimate Relationships Exploring the realities of intimate relationships, particularly focusing on the importance of consent, making sense of relationships, contraception, unplanned pregnancy and the portrayal of sex in the media.
Day Three Preparing for the Future Preparing for GCSEs & Beyond Focusing on students’ forthcoming GCSE/KS4 options choices, there will be the opportunity to select and attend taster sessions in various subjects, as well as time for goal setting, study skills and future pathways discussions.
Day Four Life in the Wider World Employability & Managing Money Revisiting the employment market and student awareness of budgeting and financial management; sessions cover spending and personality types, getting value for money, bank accounts and transactions, positive personal image and considering the world of work.
Day Five Health & Well Being Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Identifying and engaging with how to keep a balance of good physical and mental health, including exploration of mental health stigma, assessing support and treatment, healthy eating, relationships with exercise and work-life balance.

Year 10

PSHE Day Theme Day Topic & Sessions Key learning
Day One Preparing for the Future Being Financially Informed Recognising and evaluating different financial concepts and choices, including managing debt, employment income, taxation, financial risk and security and the impact of spending and advertising.
Day Two Personal & Social Relationships 21st Century Relationship Realities Exploring and revisiting the realities of romantic and sexual relationships for young people today; sessions will include societal concepts of sex and gender, consent, coercion and exploitation, conducting relationships online, pornography and choices surrounding asexuality, abstinence and celibacy.
Day Three Health & Well Being Fostering Independence Encouraging students to take an active and independent role in their own well-being and health decisions, by revisiting choices on drugs and alcohol, as well as sexual health, in addition to introducing self-examination, health risks and vaccinations, cosmetic alterations and blood, organ and stem cell donation.
Day Four Life in the Wider World Addressing extremism Examining life in an increasingly globalised and politicised world, including addressing extremism and radicalisation, understanding the political spectrum, voting and democracy, and challenging inequality and discrimination.
Day Five Preparing for the Future Life Online & Digital Resilience Considering the way that young people’s lives have been shaped and influenced by the living in the internet age; sessions will explore social media addiction, personal and professional reputation, assessing bias, reliability and accuracy, self-worth and resilience.

Year 11

PSHE Day Theme Day Topic & Sessions Key learning
Day One Life in the Wider World Families & the Future Considering some of the personal and family realities young people may face both now and in the future, specifically exploring experiences surrounding family diversity, marriage, pregnancy, fertility, baby loss and parenthood.
Day Two Preparing for the Future Post-16 Pathways Focusing on students’ imminent post-16 pathways choices, there will be the opportunity to select and attend taster sessions in various Sixth Form subjects, as well as time for SMART goal setting, study skills and college and apprenticeships pathways.
Day Three Personal & Social Relationships Communicating your Needs Identifying and evaluating the need for communication in various types of relationships, warning signs of unhealthy relationships including abuse, discussion of personal space and living at home, as well as other needs as a young adult.
Day Four Health & Well Being Managing Life in Exam Season Exploring the challenges of life during exam season; sessions focusing on managing stress, revision strategies, benefits of healthy eating and exercise, work-life balance and opportunities for subject specific revision workshops.

NB: This page will be periodically updated as sessions and speakers are added or altered. Please refer back as required.

PSHE & Citizenship Day 6: TIMANYANE DAY
This day will take a unique format and will be detailed on a separate document; it encourages our students to get to know each other and the world around them as local, national and global citizens, with a range of exciting opportunities and activities.