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    Parental Consultation

    We work in partnership with Parents and Carers to improve outcomes for our students and ensure that they enjoy their time at Prince Henry's. You can find details of some of the ways we aim to achieve this below.

    Charter for Parents

    The Student Planner includes a Home/School agreement page called The Charter for Parents, which sets out the expectations for parents and carers and school. You are asked to sign this at the start of each year. A copy is available here.

    Inside Stories

    The aim of this section is to share information with parents/ carers on different aspects of life in school. These musings will cover a range of topics and we hope that you will find them interesting, engaging, enlightening, amusing and insightful into a range of areas that impact the day to day running of the school. New blogs will appear throughout the year, with sign posting from the half termly Newsletter. We envisage putting out information on a range of topics such as the Curriculum, Attendance, Transition, Diversity, Vision and Values, School Culture and Sixth form. 

    Please click here to read the latest 'Inside Story'.

    Progress Evenings and Progress Reports

    Each student receives three Progress Reports per year, giving an overview of their attitude to learning, Minimum Estimated Attainment grades (MEAs) and their progress towards those grades.

    Parents and Carers are invited to a Progress Evening once a year and book a series of short appointments with individual teachers. This is a valuable opportunity to discuss the progress your child is making, ask questions about the curriculum and discover how you can help the learning process.

    If you are concerned about your child's progress at any point in the year, you can contact your child's Progress Leader. Their contact details are available in the relevant Key Stage Section of our website

    Parent and Carer Consultations Evenings

    Once a year, we hold a “Parent and Carer Consultation Evening” (PCC) to seek your views on a specific aspect of the school’s work.

    Further details are given in the Headteacher’s half-termly Newsletter, which is sent home to parents and carers in the final week of each half term. For clarity, PCC Evenings are not Parents' Evenings where parents and carers meet individual teachers with their child to discuss progress.

    Parent View

    Parents and carers can give their views of Prince Henry's at any time of the school year and at the time of a school inspection using an online questionnaire called Parent View.

    When we are notified of our next Ofsted inspection, parents will be invited to give their views about the school to inspectors using the Parent View online facility as this has replaced Ofsted’s paper questionnaire. Please make sure we have your most up-to-date contact details.

    Please register with an email address and a password at Once your login has been activated, it only takes a few minutes to complete answers to 12 short questions about aspects such as bullying, the quality of teaching, level of homework, etc.

    Your views are important in helping inspectors make a decision about Prince Henry's, and to help us know what is going well and what could be improved.

    If you do not have a computer or an email address or if you would like help to use Parent View, please come into school and ask at Reception.


    We ask you to complete a questionnaire about the school at least once every two years. We also monitor the Ofsted questionnaire, Parent View. Parents and carers can give their views of Prince Henry's at any time of the school year and at the time of a school inspection using this online questionnaire. Parent View has its own page on our website here.

    Arbor Data Management

    As a school, we use Arbor for our data management. Parents and carers can access this via the Arbor App or the Arbor website. In Arbor you can view and amend the data we hold about your child(ren). This system also allows parents to see their child's timetable, attendance information, positive behaviour points and home learning. Parents and carers are asked to view and confirm this data is accurate regularly.

    Arbor Login Issues



    SLT Open Access Evenings

    Once a term, we hold Open Access evenings, where a member of our Senior Leadership Team is available to answer questions from Parents and Carers. No appointment is necessary for these evenings and any question can be raised.