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    Safe and Sustainable Travel to School

    We strongly encourage students to travel to school by walking, cycling or using the bus, where possible. This is much better for the environment, reduces pollution for students who are walking and helps to reduce traffic congestion around the entrances to school. There is no access to our car parks at the beginning or the end of the day, except by special arrangement, the roads around school can become very congested. Parents and Carers should not use Prince Henry's Court or the Yew Tree Pub Car Park to drop off their children, as this causes nuisance to our neighbours and adds dangerous traffic to heavily used pedestrian entrances.

    If you have to use a car to bring your child to school, please DO NOT park near the pedestrian crossings to drop your child - parents and carers who park on the zig zags are endangering the children who use these crossings to arrive at school safely.

    There are alternative locations for dropping your child, who can walk then walk the last ten minutes (at most) to school safely using the designated crossings. Please see our Feet First Walking Map. To find out more about the Feet First Campaign, which was created by our students, visit the Feet First section.


    For information on school bus services, including timetables and routes, please visit Metro’s dedicated page for Prince Henry’s.

    Renewing and Applying for School Bus Passes
    You can find all the information you need about applying for bus passes here.
    Connexions Buses 

    For bus times and routes, please see the Connexions website here

    • Metro travel passes are currently valid in the same way they always have been. Students will still be able to catch public buses after extra-curricular activities.

    MCard now have a mobile app, which makes buying tickets much easier! You can find all the details here.

    Travelling by Train

    Students can travel by train to Menston and then catch a bus to the centre of town. You can find more details about the Education Season Ticket here.


    Cyclists must have their parent/carers' permission, keep their cycles in roadworthy condition, lock them securely and never leave on them parts that can be easily removed. Cycles should be insured under parents' home policy. In the interests of safety, cyclists must dismount at the gate and not ride in the grounds. All students cycling to school must wear protective helmets.


    Pedestrians must not use the driveway but instead should use the steps and footpath from Farnley Lane. If using the Newall Carr Road entrance, students must use the footpath adjacent to the playing fields and not cross the car park. The pedestrian crossings on Farnley Lane and Newall Carr Road should be used to cross the road.

    Travelling by car

    If you have to bring your child to school by car, in the interests of safety, it is essential that parents and carers do not drive into the school grounds to drop off or pick up their children. Quite simply, with over a thousand pedestrians and up to ten buses arriving and leaving the site simultaneously, this would pose a serious danger. Students must arrange with their parents to pick them up at a safe place outside the school grounds. They must, however, take care not to park near the pedestrian crossings on Farnley Lane and Newall Carr Road, for this is extremely dangerous. Likewise, Prince Henry's Court (adjacent to the Newall Carr Road entrance) must not be used for the purposes of dropping off / picking up students.

    See the map here for locations where you can drop your child off, for a short walk to school, reducing pollution and congestion around the school site.

    There are car parking spaces where children can be dropped above the Farnley Lane crossing, and it is easy to drop and turn round in the car parking above Wharfemeadows Park (towards the Wharfemeadows playing fields).

    If coming from south of the river, students can be dropped in the North Parade Car Park or the parking at Buon Apps Restaurant by the river - again just a short walk from school.

    Please support us in our drive to become more sustainable and also to keep your child safe by considering whether your child needs to be driven to school and, if so, where you should drop them, so that all our children can come to school safely.

    Modeshift Stars

    We are active members of the Modeshift Stars Travel Plan scheme and have achieved the Very Good Travel Plan status. You can find out more about the scheme here.