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    Environmental Sustainability Strategy Plan

    In 2021 we launched our Environmental Sustainability Strategy Plan to reduce the school’s carbon footprint and help to tackle the climate emergency. This includes specific actions in eight key areas:

    1. Biodiversity
    2. Buildings & construction
    3. Community engagement
    4. Energy and carbon management
    5. Environmental education
    6. Food & catering
    7. Recycling and waste management
    8. Travel

    Please see below for a summary of our full Environmental Sustainability Strategy Plan (updated January 2023), including the specific objectives which fall under each of these eight key areas.

    Progress against our Plan has included:

    • Installation of a 345 kWp solar energy scheme (in two phases) through the Solar for Schools programme, with rooftop solar panels fitted to the gym, Sports Hall, Henry’s Diner, Main Hall, the staff room, the Science block and the Design and Technology block. 
    • Energy improvement works including LED lighting upgrades to Henry’s Diner, Main Hall and almost all classroom and corridor areas, and installation of radiators in place of the outdated, inefficient fan coil units.
    • Installation of a 'living roof' to the Science corridor and new external PE building.
    • Re-introduction of reusable tableware and cutlery in Henry's Diner and The Quad to replace disposable containers and cutlery.
    • Introduction of new recycling arrangements for plastics in Henry's Diner and The Quad.
    • Implementation of a new waste and recycling contract, including food recycling.
    • Installation of additional water dispensers so that students never need to purchase bottled water, and plain bottled water no longer on sale.
    • Members of our Eco-mmittee successfully achieving the Eco Schools Green Flag Award with Distinction in August 2023.
    • Development of a comprehensive Modeshift STARS School Travel Plan to encourage sustainable travel, and successful achievement of Very Good Travel Plan accreditation. For more information on safe and sustainable travel to school, visit this page.



    Student Engagement

    Our student-led, award-winning Eco-mmittee plays a key role in driving the work of our student body to support sustainability. This includes their work towards successfully achieving the Eco School Award Green Flag Award with Distinction, and multiple projects in partnership with local organisations such as Wildlife Friendly Otley and Otley 2030.

    We also have a thriving Gardening Club and a highly successful group of Active Travel Ambassadors as part of the Modeshift ATA programme.

    Support from Parents and Carers

    We ask parents/carers to support our efforts to improve sustainability in the following ways:

    • Avoid transporting your child to / from school by car, wherever possible. If this is unavoidable, please consider using the ‘Feet First’ drop-off arrangements.
    • Ensure that your child brings a filled reusable water bottle to school each day.
    • Encourage your child to support the recycling arrangements in Henry’s Diner / The Quad, taking care to place items in the correct bin.
    • Encourage your child to reduce their meat consumption, for example by supporting weekly ‘Meat Free Mondays’ in Henry’s Diner.
    • Make use of our school uniform recycling bank. Contact our receptionist, Alison Kilmartin, if you have unwanted uniform / PE kit items to donate, or if you want to see what items are available for a small donation.