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Prince Henry’s Grammar School is one of the broad majority of English schools where it is agreed policy that students (in our case below the Sixth Form) wear school uniform.  Our smart uniform is designed to be practical and affordable. It is one way in which we aim to promote a sense of pride and to teach students that they have a responsibility to themselves and to each other to ensure that the good name and reputation of the school are preserved and developed.

In cases of financial difficulty, help with uniform may be available.  Any parent/carers who think they may be entitled to such assistance are asked to contact their child's Year Manager.  To obtain advice regarding the provision of welfare benefits i.e. free school meals, see the advice from Leeds City Council here.

Students not conforming to correct standards of uniform will be isolated from other students. Where an explanatory note is provided by parents, they will be allowed to work in the Library/NET Centre for up to two days. After this time, or where there is no parental explanation, students will work in the Isolation Room until the infringement is rectified. A doctor’s note must be provided where, for medical reasons, students cannot wear school shoes.

Uniform Requirements

For details of the Sixth Form Dress Code please click here.

KS3 and KS4 Uniform Requirements


Traditional tailored navy without pleats, worn no more than 5cm above or below the knee. Students must purchase the school skirt with the PHGS logo on. The logo must be visible and the top of the skirt must not be rolled over.
Trousers^ Trousers should be bootcut or tailored and must have a waistband and a traditional zip. Slim, skinny fit or tapered trousers are not allowed. Invisible/concealed zips are also not acceptable. Trousers should be navy.


Navy blue blazer with embroidered school crest worn at all times within the school building. Teachers may give permission to remove blazers if the classroom is particularly warm or the learning activity requires it.


Navy blue ‘V’ neck jumper with embroidered school crest - optional. Students must not wear any other jumper or hoodie under their blazer.


Plain white tailored style with traditional collar, long sleeved (not to be worn with sleeves rolled up) or short sleeved. The shirt must be sufficiently long enough to be worn tucked in to trousers or skirt at all times.


Black - optional. No decorative buckle.


Navy or black.
Tights Plain navy or neutral shade.


Plain black shoes that have no logos or white decorative element. Boots are not allowed and footwear must be tailored to fit under the ankle bone. Cloth pumps or trainers are not allowed in school. Heels must be no higher than 5cm.


Basic school design OR Sports tie OR Music tie.
(There are different ties for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4).


Watch, one ear stud per lobe, in the lowest hole in lobe – small plain silver or gold stud only. No rings, bracelets or necklaces.

Make up

Key Stage 3: No make up or nail varnish may be worn including acrylics.
Key Stage 4: Discreet make up in natural colours only. No nail varnish, false nails or fake tan.


Hairstyles should not reflect the extremes of youth culture. Hair colourings should be a natural colour only and hair should be cut no shorter than 'Number 2' grade. No skin fades. Hair length should be blended and no lines or steps cut in. Hairbands should be navy, brown or black only.

Outdoor wear

No outdoor wear, such as coats, hats, gloves and scarves, may be worn in the building before 3 pm.
Denim, non-uniform jumpers, baseball caps or 'hoodies' must not be worn at any time within the school grounds.
Hats In cold weather, a plain dark coloured woollen hat may be worn outside the school buildings.
Face Coverings

Face coverings worn as part of Prince Henry’s school uniform, either in the building or outside, should be reusable and be plain or have a neutral pattern (no logos or images). These should loop around the ears and cover both the mouth and nose.

*Students who purchase skirts that are too short will be asked to change them.

^Students who purchase trousers that are too slim or skinny will be asked to change them.

Uniform can be bought from JR Sports in Otley, who keep all items in stock, and Wharfedale Uniforms in Ilkley. 

PE Kit can also be bought from Price and Buckland, as shown in the PE Kit Section.

We have a supply of second hand uniform which you are welcome to purchase. These are £1 per item, with the money going to the school hardship fund. Contact Reception to find out more.


Physical Education - KS3 & KS4 Kit List

The following outlines the PE kit requirements for Prince Henry's students. High standards of dress are expected of all students.

PE Kit (all Years)

Compulsory Kit (from September 2021)
  •  Navy long sleeve ¼ zip top
  •  Navy unisex polo shirt or Feminine cut polo shirt
  •  Navy unisex shorts or Skort
  •  Long navy games socks
  •  White ankle socks
  •  Sports trainers
  •  Football/rugby (studded) boots for all (boys and girls)
  •  Swim shorts (not below the knee) or swimming costume
  •  Goggles and a towel for swimming
  •  ALL long hair must be tied back and jewellery removed for lessons.
Optional PE Kit(from September 2021)
  • Navy showerproof training top (recommended for rugby training)
  • Navy skins/thermal top
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Navy PHGS specific skins/performance leggings
  • Gum shields and shin pads (strongly recommended for some activities)
Boys - Team Apparel Girls - Team Apparel
  • Trunks (not shorts) for swim squad
  • PHGS apparel appropriate to team sports (can be purchased online via the PE school sports shop)
  • PHGS apparel appropriate to team sports (can be purchased online via the PE school sports shop)

• It is compulsory for students to wear appropriate PE kit even when excused from physical activities so that they can coach and assist in the lesson. If students forget their PE kit, they will be required to borrow a spare kit.

• After feedback from students/parents and discussion with staff, girls may wear the PHGS sports leggings (not other brands/types) without wearing a skort/shorts if they wish to.

• NB swimming lessons – if a student misses more than two swimming lessons, then they will attend a lunchtime catch up swim on a Wednesday. If a student misses more swimming lessons, they will be moved into the next available swimming group to catch up. 

The PE kit can be either ordered from Price and Buckland or it's available to purchase in store at JR Sports. You can find more information about purchasing PE Kit from Price and Buckland on their leaflet here.

Extra Curricular Kit

Boys  - Extra-Curricular Kit Girls  - Extra-Curricular Kit

Trunks, not shorts, for swim squad

PHGS kit appropriate to team sports

These can be purchased online from Dream Sports

PHGS kit appropriate to team sports

These can be purchased online from Dream Sports