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Video Competition (Ks3)

Hello, we are Feet First! Welcome to our exciting video competition, called “Lights, Camera, Active Travel”, where lots of amazing video entries are going to be submitted over the next few weeks from our incredible PHGS students to advertise active travel. The purpose of this competition is not only to create inspiring videos which encourage more people to get out and about rather than using private transport; it is also going to be a really fun educational experience where everyone can get creative for a good cause. 

This has all been made possible by our Active Travel Ambassadors, who went to bid for money to run an aptly named “Feet First” campaign, the teachers who have supported us throughout, and ModeShift Stars staff. We are very grateful for their help, and we really hope that you enjoy our Lights, Camera, Active Travel competition!

You can find lots more information regarding rules, things you might want to include and extra data below!

Have fun!


  • Entries must be no longer than 1 min 30 seconds
  • They must contain no profanity or political stances 
  • Be unique! No plagiarism 
  • Have fun!

Things you might want to include:

  • Environmental benefits of travelling actively
  • Health benefits of travelling actively (physical and mental)
  • Different ways to travel actively to school
  • Interview people on their opinions (Why do you travel actively or Why do you not travel actively)
  • What would a world with more active travel look like?


There will be a range of prizes. Most of these will involve chocolate and some sweets as well. Each year (7, 8, 9) will have a winner in which will be getting a chocolate boxes! However, if you win overall then you and your form will get an Artisanal chocolate hamper from a local confectioner.