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Key Stage 3 Support inc FAQs

Our Vision for Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, we aim to support the school’s vision and prepare students for Key Stage 4 by ensuring that we give students a wide variety of experiences, through an engaging and enjoyable range of activities completed within lessons, registration, around school and in the local community.

As part of this vision each year group has a particular focus:

Year 7 - Induction

The aim of this year is to induct students into the Prince Henry’s Grammar School routines, with a particular focus on our behaviour expectations. We will strive to encourage students to be independent learners, to support the community by raising money for a local charity and by taking responsibility for their own actions.

Year 8 - Opportunity

The aim of this year is to encourage students to make progress, have ambition and be role models to the younger students. Students will also be encouraged to make the most of opportunities available outside of the classroom through their position as school ambassadors and through the increased availability of extra-curricular trips and activities.

Year 9 - Responsibility

The aim of this year is to ensure that students have the best opportunity to make progress in line with their MEA grades, to be responsible, to show respect and to be role models to the younger students. Furthermore, they are expected to make choices that will lead to them engaging in a successful, more personalised, programme of study in KS4.